Some Misc. Factoids

  • Solarian humanity's war with the Berserkers has lasted for at least 1000 years as of the most recent books.
  • The Beserkers were created about fifty thousand years before they encountered Solarian humanity.
  • The number of worlds colonized by Solarian humanity, as of the latest books (Berserker Kill through Berserker's Star) is on the order of thousands. Not all of these are in contact with each other (i.e. there are isolated colonies) and some aren't necessarily even aware of Berserkers. Some planets have even experienced regressions to less technological civilizations.
  • As of the latest books, about 5-7% of the volume of the galaxy has been explored by Solarian humanity.
  • The cover of "Berserkers: The Beginning" (1998 Baen omnibus) sports the inexplicable slogan, "Your galaxy is toast, monkey boys!" This may be a reference to the movie "The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai: Across the Eighth Dimension," in which John Lithgow, the main villain, famously says, "Laugh while you can monkey boy!"
  • The Baen '88 version of The Ultimate Enemy sports the slogan "The enemy it's ok to hate!"
  • The first Berserker story was "Without a Thought" (first published as "Fortress Ship" in If Jan 1963)
  • "Serka" refers to a Berserker fan!