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  • LOSCON - the Los Angeles Science Fiction and Fantasy Society's annual convention
  • Cascadia Con - Sept 1-5 2005 in Seattle!
  • The Pages of Now & Forever - the biggest and best fan site devoted to the greatest computer game ever made: Star Control 2. The game is best described as an epic scifi arcade/role-playing-game.
  • Escape Velocity: Nova - a really great game in which you explore the galaxy in search of fortune and glory.
  • SETI@home - the scientific Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence at Home. Contribute your computer's unused processor time to the search!
  • NASA Astrobiology Institute - How does life begin and evolve? Is there life elsewhere in the Universe? What is the future of life?
  • Douglas Adams - an irreplaceable creative genius
  • SF author Ken Rand's website - look for info on his new novel, Phoenix
  • Flying Buffalo Inc. - founders of the Play By Mail industry. "games for the intensive gamer"
  • Starlog - science fiction magazine
  • Baen Books - publisher of Saberhagen's works. look under Saberhagen there for a listing of publications and even free samplings of Berserker stories
  • Tor Books - publisher of Saberhagen's works

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