Flightspace - This is the key to superluminal travel in the Galaxy. It is some sort of other plane or space which consists of force currents flowing through the galaxy, between and amongst the stars. The currents are affected by strong gravity, so they cannot be used near stars or in thick nebulae. I believe the nature of Flightspace may have something to do with the currents of chaos and order that are said to flow form the Taj, at the center of the Galaxy. There are many passages describing Flightpsace throughout the Berserker series; I'll find one and paste it when I get a chance.

Other Galaxies - Almost nothing is known of other galaxies. Occasionally, vague references are made to failed human intergalactic expeditions. It is not known whether the Berserkers have also attempted to travel to other galaxies. It is also not known whether their orders for destruction are interpreted as extending to the entire Universe, or as confined to just the Milky Way. My guess is that there's no Flightspace between galaxies, or it is very minimal, so faster-than-light travel in intergalactic space is impossible. This would likely be because flightspace is associated with strong gravity, of which there would be none between the galaxies. I think it was once mentioned that the Elder Races, or at least the Carmpan, were very interested in the possibility of Berserker scourges in other galaxies, and how life fared against them there. In Berserker Man, it is implied that all galaxies share a higher purpose/tendency.

CORESEC - The Core Sector of the Galaxy, as referred to by Solarians. A small volume of it has been explored by Solarians, and it has been found to be a wild, dense, unimaginably surreal and dangerous place. It is most described in Berserker Man. And of course, at its not-quite-center is The Taj.

The Taj - is the mysterious locus at the center of the Galaxy, the composition of which seems to transcend physical space. It also seems to have something to do with the final fate of all sentient life in the Galaxy. This of course makes it of intense interest to the Berserkers. The Taj is most illuminated in Berserker Man. See RUMINATIONS for more.

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