05-27-02007: New Berserker short story: "Servant of Death" [coauthored by Fred Saberhagen and Jane Lindskold, in Man vs Machine, edited by John Helfers and Martin H. Greenberg. (DAW 2007).  Joan and Fred Saberhagen say: "The short story with Jane [Lindskold] came about when she mentioned her invite from Tekno Books to write a story to fit the title Man vs Machine. She approached Fred with the possibility of a collaboration. Fred thought this would be fun, and it was. ... (We've known Jane for some years and visit with her and her husband fairly frequently . The ABQ area has quite a few science fiction writers.)"


Brother Assassin is being made into a three-part comic book by Allen Freeman of Fan-Atic Press!  It will be a full color, full size comic and the first issue should be out some time in 2007.  For more info, watch the Fanatic Press website.

Fred Saberhagen will be the writer guest of honor at Cascadia Con, Sept 1-5, 2005, in Seattle, WA.

Fred Saberhagen will be the writer guest of honor at LOSCON 30, a science fiction convention put on by the Los Angeles Science Fantasy Society, Nov 28-30 2003 in Burbank, CA.

Berserker Shadow now known as Rogue Berserker!

This just in from Fred Saberhagen himself: "ROGUE BERSERKER
is the new title, building on a new idea that came during the writing. I'm
now about 2/3 of the way through. Harry Silver rides again." (9/2/03)

Berserker Shadow

Another new Berserker book (the third in a row!). Don't know much about it yet, but it will likely come out after Berserker Prime. Fred was reported to have started working on it in April 2003. If I can find out anything else I will post it here ASAP.

Berserker Prime

Should be published by Tor in Fall 2003. Will chronicle Earth-descended humanity's first encounter with the Berserkers! Check out Paul Youll's cover art for it here.

Berserker's Star is Out!

Go out to your nearest independent bookstore and grab your harback copy! Or if it's more convenient you can always go with Amazon or the nearest chain store like Borders or Barnes & Noble.

Berserker's Star Release Date Set!

According to Fred's website, and as verified on Tor's website, Berserker's Star will be released June 2003. The book will feature further adventures of ace pilot Harry Silver, introduced in Shiva in Steel. By my reckoning, it may well be the the story placed latest in the Berserker timeline so far, though that may be hardly relevant. You can find the cover art, the jacket blurb, and the entire first chapter on Fred's site here: http://www.berserker.com/bk_berserkersstar.htm



That's right, plural!

I met Fred Saberhagen today (10/12/02) at a book signing at Dark Delicacies in Burbank, CA. He said that one new Berserker book is completed and they've just received the cover artwork, so publication is imminent. This one is called Berserker Star. Also, back in January 2002, he told me over email that "What I'm working on now is not exactly a sequel [to Shiva in Steel], but Harry Silver's in it." So I think that's Berserker Star.

Fred also said that he is working on a SECOND new Berserker book, called Berserker Prime. This will chronicle Solarian Humanity's FIRST encounter with the Berserkers! To this point in the Berserker series that tale has not been told, nor even alluded to as I recall. This ought to be a really good one!

Berserker Movie?

Recently (within the last 2 years I think) Fred had optioned the rights to a Berserker movie to New Line Cinema. The movie was to be directed by Alex Proyas (The Crow, Dark City, I Robot). But somehow the deal with Newline fell through. However, your very own 5th Historian found Alex Proyas' website (www.mysteryclock.com) and asked about the Berserker movie on the forum there. Here is a transcript of my post and the reply, by the director himself!

UniAce (5th Historian)
1 Posts Posted - 10/01/2002 :  21:41:52        
Hi there!
I've heard rumor that New Line Cinema has in the making a movie based on science fiction author Fred Saberhagen's "Berserker" series, and that you, Alex Proyas, will be directing!
I'm working on putting together an official fan web site for the Berserker books, authorized by Mr. Saberhagen himself. So I'd be most interested to hear any news on the movie. For instance, whether it's happening or not, when it might be expected for release, how fantastic it's going to be, etc.
Thanks very much, and by the way I loved Dark City!

Alex Proyas
300 Posts Posted - 10/02/2002 :  10:52:14      
It is true Mystery Clock is developing a script based on Saberhagen's "Berserker" stories, but it will not be made at New Line. We are currently negotiating with other studios. We'll let you know when we have more specifics. I'm afraid this is still a way off from production... but we will make it, and it will be "fantastic"!

Alex is now working on I Robot, adapted from Isaac Asimov's classic series. But he generously takes time to personally answer fans' questions on his forum, including the below:

UniAce (5th Historian)
3 Posts Posted - 11/08/2003 :  18:09:29        
Hi Alex,
It's been just over a year since I first inquired here about a Berserker movie ( http://mysteryclock.com/forum/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=383 ). I know you're likely deep into working on I Robot (which I'm very excited about along with everyone else), but I'm wondering if there's any update on the future/present of a Berserker movie? At the very least, "It's still going to happen," would be pleasing! I'm trying to get any news I can before the Nov 28-30th Los Angeles Science Fiction Convention, where Berserker author Fred Saberhagen will be writer guest of honor and where I'll finally be publicizing the official Berserker fan page I've been making for the past year or so. ( http://homepage.mac.com/uniace/berserker/ ). Incidentally, I'll be posting any news on a Berserker movie in the UPCOMING section of the website; that is, as long as thats fine by you! Thanks a heap and keep up the great work!

Alex Proyas
514 Posts Posted - 11/10/2003 :  15:03:41      
This project has been moving very slowly of late. But I'm still into the idea of doing it, it just may take awhile. Give my regards to Mr Saberhagen.