"The machine was a vast fortress, containing no life, set by its long-dead masters to destroy anything that lived."




I've posted a cover scan of a rare edition of Berserker, in memory of my uncle, Dr. Scott Robertson.  It can be seen on the BOOKS/STORIES page.

New artwork posted!  Original cover art by Kurt Miller for two new Berserker omnibus compilations, and the upcoming Rogue Berserker!  Check them out on the ART page.

Behold the new domain name: BERSERKERFAN.ORG!

Updates!! I have finally managed to track down each and every vintage magazine in which Berserker short stories were originally printed! As a result, I proudly present a complete gallery of all Berserker illustrations by Jack Gaughan, on a separate page for faster loading. Please go check out this fantastic collection of art. More illustrations by other artists are coming, as soon as I figure out the rights situations behind them. Also posted reviews of Berserker & Berserker's Planet on the BOOKS page.

Exclusive! Head on over to the ART page and check out the new section with many scans of vintage magazine Berserker illustrations by the late great Jack Gaughan! I've also added a few more artists to the list who did work for Berserker stories in some of the old magazines.

Finally some updates! I've posted some pictures from Fred's Guest of Honor appearance at LOSCON on the FRED page. Also, check out a Berserker appearance on the program's cover and an updated web address for artist Terry Pastor on the ART page. And thanks to a tip from another fan, I've added a little-known Berserker story, "The Bad Machines," to the BOOKS/STORIES page.

Berserker Prime is out!

Just posted an illustration for "The Smile" from 1977 by Rick Sternbach. Check it out here.
Fred Saberhagen will be the writer guest of honor at Cascadia Con, Sept 1-5, 2005, in Seattle, WA.

SUPER EXCLUSIVE!! I've just posted "Berserker Story," a short piece of non-fiction by Fred Saberhagen which was only ever published once, in the Summer-Fall 1977 issue of ALGOL Magazine! Go check it out right now!

Fred Saberhagen will be the guest of honor at LOSCON, the Los Angeles Science Fiction and Fantasy Society's annual convention, Nov 28-30 in Burbank, CA!

This just in from Fred Saberhagen, an update on the Berserker book he's currently working on: "ROGUE BERSERKER is the new title [formerly Berserker Shadow], building on a new idea that came during the writing. I'm now about 2/3 of the way through. Harry Silver rides again." Also, posted original cover art by Vincent Di Fate in the ART section!

NEWS 8/30/03
Finally got a complete list of BOOKS/STORIES posted, as well as what I hope is a fairly comprehensive list of Berserker artists on the ART page (and don't miss the new post of Berserker Lies cover by Alan Gutierrez and a link to artwork by Paul Youll for the upcoming Berserker Prime). Also there's a link to a new interview with Fred on the FRED page.

NEWS 8/26/03
More updates! Got a lot of content into the CHARACTERS and RUMINATIONS sections, and added to LINKS and ETC. Going to try and keep them coming.

NEWS 8/25/03
Fred Saberhagen will be the guest of honor at LOSCON 30, a science fiction convention put on by the Los Angeles Science Fantasy Society, Nov 28-30 in Burbank, CA.

NEWS 8/18/03
Major updates!! Completed the GAMES page, adding more BWL screenshots, a section on the Berserker board game by Flying Buffalo, and a section on the Starweb play-by-mail game. Added some content to the ART page, including items by Boris Vallejo and artwork by Luis Royo. Posted an entire Fred Saberhagen article/interview from Starlog Magazine (1991) which they gave me permission to reproduce here! Even added some content to the QUOTES page. There is a lot more content lined up and some should be easy to post, so hopefully updates will continue.

NEWS 7/31/03
Berserker's Star is out! Go out to your nearest independent bookstore and grab your harback copy! Or if it's more convenient you can always go with Amazon or the nearest chain store like Borders or Barnes & Noble. I've got my copy but haven't had a chance to read it yet. When I do, I'll post a review in the BOOKS section. Hopefully that'll finally kickstart progress on that page too.

NEWS 6/15/03
I graduated from college! We'll see if that ends up increasing update frequency or not. At least I've got a job to pay for webspace now!

NEWS 4/22/03
Finally got a good portion of the GAMES page together and posted! Check it out, and don't miss the re-release of the Wings Out of Shadow computer game in the New Media Reader!


NEWS 3/31/03
This just in,! In an email I got from Joan Saberhagen, she said:

By the way, Fred just finished BERSERKER PRIME and sent the manuscript to Tor. He's due to start on BERSERKER SHADOW next week. Yes, that means a THIRD brand new Berserker book is on its way!


NEWS 2/24/03
A bit of content added to the BOOKS section. Also, this news on the new book release (also found in UPCOMING section):

Berserker's Star Release Date Set!
According to Fred's website, and as verified on Tor's website, Berserker's Star will be released June 2003. The book will feature further adventures of ace pilot Harry Silver, introduced in Shiva in Steel. By my reckoning, it may well be the the story placed latest in the Berserker timeline so far, though that may be hardly relevant. You can find the cover art, the jacket blurb, and the entire first chapter on Fred's site here: http://www.berserker.com/bk_berserkersstar.htm

NEWS 2/3/03
Well I didn't get the GAMES section up yet, but check out the cool poll to the right. Eventually I'll have it and others on the POLL page also. Anthro midterm Thursday, so no more updates till after that..


NEWS 1/30/03
Sorry for a lackluster two months as far as updates. But I've just put up something extra cool for anyone reading this. Head over to the ART page and check out the two entries! Plus, I promise I'll try really really hard to get together the GAMES section this weekend. Just got through a twelve-page paper on a one-page W.B. Yeats poem, so the workload for the rest of the quarter won't be quite so bad. =)


NEWS 11/24/02
Well, I've got the forum and guestbook up and running, being hosted by Bravenet. Right now I'm working on getting together a bibliography of all the Berserker books & stories, which will feature cover images and info like what characters and locations appear in each story. I've got to get through final exams first then I'll have some time to update things in December.


NEWS 10/30/02
Site design is finished! Now to add content. By the way, the artwork in the logo is by me. Click it for a larger view. Nebulae courtesy of NASA.


NEWS 10/12/02
That's right, plural!

I just met Fred Saberhagen today at a book signing at Dark Delicacies in Burbank, CA. He said that one new Berserker book is completed and they've just received the cover artwork, so publication is imminent. This one is called Berserker Star. Also, back in January 2002, he told me over email that "What I'm working on now is not exactly a sequel [to Shiva in Steel], but Harry Silver's in it." So I think that's Berserker Star.

Fred also said that he is working on a SECOND new Berserker book, called Berserker Prime. This will chronicle Solarian Humanity's FIRST encounter with the Berserkers! To this point in the Berserker series that tale has not been told, nor even alluded to as I recall. This ought to be a really good one!

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